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Because of the specific information needed you will need to report the claim yourself.  Once the report has been completed, you will be given a claim number. Inform the insurance representative that you have chosen Bo Dean’s as the auto body shop you would like to perform the work for you (remember that by law you can choose any body shop you want).  Contact us, give us that claim number and we will handle the rest for you; including setting up a rental car if needed. Keep in mind, that if the accident was the other party’s fault, and they have accepted liability, their insurance will pay for the rental car for you. If the accident was your fault, you are using your insurance, and you have rental car coverage on your policy, we can also help set that up.

Why is My Car Worth Less After an Accident?!

Have you ever asked the question, “Has this car ever been in an accident?”, when out shopping for a used vehicle to purchase. Think about this, if you were given a choice between two vehicles that were identical, but one had been in an accident, and one had not, which one would you buy?

This “diminished value” is incurred when a vehicle has been in an accident and has some sort of physical damage. Even if the vehicle is repaired, it is still worth less money than it was before the accident occurred. When trading-in a vehicle, it is required that any damage to the vehicle (even after it has been repaired) is disclosed. There are 3 main types of diminished value, the first type and also the most common basis for which any supplemental forms of diminished value would be added is “inherent diminished value”.  This is the loss of market value due to the fact that a vehicle has been involved in an accident. Inherent diminished value is the most widely recognized and accepted form of diminished value. The second type is “repair related diminished value”, the depreciated amount of a vehicle because of improper or incomplete repairs, poor quality repairs, or un-repaired items. The repair diminished value is usually determined by the overall quality of the repairs and is the supplemental form of diminished value that may be added on to a vehicle’s “inherent diminished value”. The third type is “insurer related diminished value” which occurs when an insurance company insists or authorizes the use of aftermarket parts or parts not manufactured by original manufacturer.

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